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Hi, I'm Cata. I'll build your MVP in 1 month and then scale it to support your growth.

Experience all the advantages of a top in-house dev team, but none of the hassle.

I'm your Technical Partner

Get a strategic partner and not just another external service provider.

No more unreliable freelancers or agencies

It's hard to find truly awesome developers, even on sites that offer the "top 1%". I've seen many "world class" teams still working on the login one month into the project.

Save time and money

Most projects go over budget or deadline because of oversized teams or communication issues within the team. When your starting out, the smaller the team, the better.

Get ready to scale

All my energy and focus goes into making sure the technology stack is sound and we have the processes in place to scale. Once the time is right, I'll onboard a team to take it to the next level.

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How does it work?

No useless meetings, no hand-holding and no middlemen.

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Week 1

We discuss about your business and what needs to be included in the MVP. Once I understand your objectives, I'll be able to offer feedback and help refine the product. By the end of week 1, we should all have a pretty good understanding of what will be delivered.

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Week 2-4

I'll build your MVP and everything else that's needed as agreed in week 1. We'll have regular syncs to check progress and discuss finer details about the product. You'll have access to the codebase and can check the quality of work from the beginning.

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Post MVP

After the MVP and whenever you're ready, we can continue growing the product together using a fixed monthly subscription.

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Fixed pricing to build your MVP

So you'll never go over budget.


Backend development only

  • REST / GraphQL / WebSocket API
  • 3rd party integrations
  • API documentation
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Full stack development

  • Everything in API, plus:
  • Single page application
  • Server side rendering
  • SEO optimization
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API + UI + Infra

All you need to run your app

  • Everything in API+UI, plus:
  • Cloud infrastructure setup (IaC)
  • CI/CD pipeline
  • System monitoring and alerting
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